Tomee : The lightweight JEE Server


TomEE aims to provide a fully certified Java EE 6 Web profile stack based on Tomcat, allowing you to use Java EE features in your lightweight Tomcat applications.

Apache TomEE Includes support for:
  • Servlet 3.0 (Apache Tomcat)
  • JPA 2.0 (Apache OpenJPA)
  • JSF 2.0 (Apache MyFaces)
  • CDI 1.0 (Apache OpenWebBeans)
  • EJB 3.1 (Apache OpenEJB)
  • JMS (Apache ActiveMQ)
  • Webservices (Apache CXF)

Apache TomEE is aimed at providing a lightweight application server runtime based on Apache Tomcat 7. It also fills web applications technology requirements via ASF Java EE projects. In summary, TomEE translates Apache Tomcat 7 into a more powerful enterprise web server.


The benefits of using TomEE can be listed as follows:

  • It has a lightweight but powerful runtime environment,
  • It is based on the very-well known JSP and Servlet Container, Apache Tomcat 7,
  • It consists of Web Profile Specification technology stack,
  • It consists of powerful, commerical quality ASF Java EE Projects,
  • It is an open source project,
  • It is supported by community.



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